Wedding timeline – 6 things to think about

July 2, 2020

So let’s get down to business many need/want help creating a wedding timeline. A wedding timeline keeps everyone on the same page and can dictate the pace of how things unfold. Some couples choose to forgo a timeline and there’s nothing wrong with that.

When working on you wedding timeline it reflect how YOU want the day to unfold. The venue, DJ, photographer and every other vendor will have comments on timing and be able to help provide guidance where it is appropriate but in the end the timeline it yours!

When creating a your timeline here are 5 tips and thing to think about:

Transitions to and from different location

If your day involves you or your soon to be life partner traveling to / from different locations you will want to think through how you will get there and who will be with you. The time you spend in a car moving from one place to the next can hold a lot of meaning. If its possible save a seat in your transportation for your photographer so they can capture the emotion that is present. The best place for your photographer will be close to the person who is getting married. Usually front seat or back seat behind the driver.

First look

Nowadays many vendors push for a first look. An easy way to decide is to ask yourself 2 questions. Do you want to attend as much of cocktail hour as possible? Does your list of family photographs have a lot of extended family, like aunts/uncles? If you said YES to either of these you should consider doing a first look.

Make time for you and your spouse ALONE

Find time in the day for you to be alone with the person you love the most. Try to plan at least 10 minutes of tome do something together that you two would want to do. This can be anything! Grabbing a cocktail and walking the grounds together, exploring the reception space before guest enter, or simply standing alone with one another quietly basking in your joy. The day goes by SO fast you will be want a few moments to soak it in with each other.

Decor/Details/Flat lays

If you LOVE detail shots by all means set aside time for them. Keep in mind to take ‘perfect’ ceremony and reception shots you will want to ensure your photographer has access to the space before guests arrive. If you love details but don’t want to set aside specifically for those shots let your photographer know. I, personally, love details shots that include people. This means the shots don’t look ‘magazine’ perfect but will have more of a story to tell.

Share your timeline, and preferences, with ALL your vendors

You want all of your vendors to know how YOU want the day to unfold and your preferences. Most only get 1 wedding and the most important thing is the day feels like its yours. Professional suggestions are just that…suggestions. It is your wedding after all!

Your wedding is not a Pinterest board

I’m an advocate for you…meaning I think what we each have to offer the world is unique and truly beautiful. You may find inspiration online to help plan your wedding but know that most of what you see are highly stylized meaning it took a whole bunch of work for someone to get that single shot you saw an Pinterest. I promise you your day will not look like anything else you’ve seen online and trying to recreate a list of Pinterest shots will detract from your unique wedding day. If there are photographs you have dreamed about your whole life absolutely discuss them with your photographer but please don’t send a Pinterest board of hundred of photographs you MUST have recreated. Your wedding day will be beautiful and, if you hired a professional, they’ll be able to capture your MUST HAVE photographs in a way that is unique to your wedding.

If you have questions or want to talk about your specific wedding day please reach out… I’d love to hear from you!

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