Matt and Diana

May 26, 2020

Matt and Diane held their wedding ceremony on the edge of Casco Bay at Fort Preble in Portland Maine. They were married by a retired ship captain. During the ceremony they asked loved ones to present them with objects symbolizing Unity, Family, Loyalty, Joy, Perseverance, Humor, Honesty, Friendship, Romance, Adventure, Fun, & Love.

They traveled to the reception, at Bayside Bowl, a bowling alley, in a VW van! They chose the bowling alley because they love to do activities when we’re celebrating things (birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, etc) and figured the wedding should be no different. The Bayside Bowl also has a taco truck on the roof…I mean how cool is that!

Wedding Team


Black Elephant Hostel


Ceremony Venue:

Fort Preble


Reception Venue:

Bayside Bowl





Kabir Sen

  Sean Staples / Monday Night Blue Grass 


Beauty, Hair, Make-up artist:


Mensroom Salon


Florist/Floral Designer:

Megan Havenor




One Stop

Invitation Design and Printer Name:


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