How to have the perfect engagement session

October 6, 2020

It can feel daunting to plan your engagement session. Likely, it’s the first time you will be in front of the camera with your life partner. You might be a little bit nervous and a little bit excited at the same time. Here’s a guide on how to have the perfect engagement session

Choose a meaningful location

couple walking in town

The best thing you can do is to treat your engagement session like a date for your and your fiance. What would you two normally do together? Go for a hike, walk to your local coffee shop for breakfast, head to the movies, lounge around the house? Whatever it is its special and unique to you and it will put you at ease to be in a space doing something you like to do.

Golden hour timing

Engagement Session

The best time of day for photographs is called golden hour. Golden hour is shortly after sunrise or an hour before sunset. There are times when your location will dictate what time works best BUT if you’re a lover of soft golden light try to stick to golden hour.

Put on those sneakers

The number one motto is to wear something comfortable that fits with your location and overall aesthetic. Most will say keep your colors and patterns muted… I say do and wear what feels good on YOU! If you’re unsure about clothing choice share a picture or FacetTime with a friend, or your photographer, to help come to a decision.

Leave the props at home

Your engagement photographs are a time for you spend with your significant other. Lugging around a big bag of props for 1 or 2 photographs wont be fun. If you absolutely have to have a prop keep it minimal,

Bring your furry friends

If you have a pet you probably WANT to include them in photographs….I highly encourage this. Make sure the location allows for pets and will be conducive to their temperament. If they are nervous we’d want to go somewhere free of loud noises or if they get a little leash aggressive we’d want to avoid places where an altercation with another animal might happen.

Still nervous?

Many people are camera shy because of personal hang ups. It might be hard but you are self conscious about something specific, like your smile or chin, talk about it. We all have insecurities that can distract us from our beauty. You’re not alone, being heard can put your mind at ease and sometimes how we talk about ourselves in our heads sounds absolutely outrageous when we finally say it out loud.


Enjoy the time with your partner. Bask in the glow that is this date/engagement session. During the session we will chat but it’ll mostly be you two enjoying each other’s company.


If you have questions on how to plan your engagement session please get in touch!

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